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Help People Collaborate builds upon our Help People Align course. The only constant is change, and that applies to organizational planning as well. Your ability to adapt depends on how well you prepare your team to embrace change from the start.

In this course, we will train you on how to review your goals and ensure that your team operates with cross-functional agility. You will also learn simple ways to hold anyone accountable to their commitments.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Help People Collaborate

  • 2

    Culture of Accountability

    • Culture of Accountability

    • 3 Story Accountability™ - Pre-work

    • 3 Story Accountability™ - What is Your Story?

    • 3 Story Accountability™ - What is the Other Person's Story?

    • 3 Story Accountability™ - What is a Better Future Story?

  • 3

    Help People Collaborate Summary

    • Course Complete!

    • We Want Your Feedback!

  • 4

    Resources: Leader Toolkit

    • Help People Collaborate - Key Terms

    • Achieve Critical Goals - Framework

    • 3 Story Accountability™ Method - NOTE: Download before completing.

    • SupportingLines Collaborator 1-on-1 Agenda - NOTE: Download before completing.

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