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Help People Align builds upon the Foundations of SupportingLines to help those who want to become experts in organizational planning.

In this course, we will train you on how to Set Complete Goals™ for an individual, team, or the entire organization. This methodology will enable you to operate with clarity and ensure all stakeholders are involved the creation of your plan.

New executives will also be interested in our chapter on how to Create a Vision. We will equip you with strategies and methods to inspire your team to achieve more goals.

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Setting Complete Goals™

    • Setting Complete Goals™

    • A Global Helicopter Example

    • Objectives & Key Results

    • Identify Direct Supports

    • Establish the Supporting Lines

    • Individual Supporting Lines

  • 3

    Create a Vision

    • Purpose, Mission & Vision

    • Set the Strategic Objectives

    • Determine the Strategies

  • 4

    Help People Align Summary

    • Help People Align Summary

    • Course Complete!

    • We Want Your Feedback!

  • 5

    Resources: Leader Toolkit

    • Help People Align - Key Terms

    • Achieve Critical Goals - Framework

    • Identify Your Supporting Lines - Worksheet

    • Individual Supporting Lines - Worksheet

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